Japan Finland Contemporary Music Society

In August, 2010, a Composer Toshi Ichiyanagi and a Cellist Seppo Kimanen, a former Counsellor Press & Culture in Embassy of Finland in Japan, established the Japan Finland Contemporary Music Society. This society is founded by various viewpoints for the purpose of introducing the contemporary works.

Toshi Ichiyanagi

Seppo Kimanen

Toshi Ichiyanagi
Born in 1933 in Kobe, he is a composer and a pianist. At the age of around 10, he received two times the first rank at The Mainichi Music Competition (now, The Music Competition of Japan). In 1954, at the age of 19, he left Japan for the United States, to study at The Juilliard School in New York, after which he began working with John Cage with experimental music. When Ichiyanagi came back to Japan in 1961, he created works using the figures of sheet music and aleatoric innovations, and had an intense activity in both composing and performing. The introduction and performance of a new kind of music through his works in Europe and America produced a deep stimulus in various fields. Since the 1960’s, Toshi Ichiyanagi has been always working at the core of Japanese music. Currently, he serves as an Expert Board Member of the New National Theatre of Japan, a Board Member of the Japan Music Competition, the General Artistic Director of the Kanagawa Arts Foundation, and the Supervisor for Tokyo Wonder Site Music Program.

Seppo Kimanen, professor, artistic director
Seppo Kimanen was born in 1949 in Helsinki, Finland. He studied the cello at the Sibelius-Academy and later at Prague and Paris Conservatoires, the Detmold Music Academy and elsewhere. Mr. Kimanen's professional career started in 1971 when became lecturer at the Turku Conservatoire. 1974-77 Kimanen acted as the co-principal cellist in the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and 1975-91 he tutored cello and chamber music at the Sibelius Academy.
He is founder member of the Jean Sibelius String Quartet, established in 1980. The quartet soon became one of the leading ensembles in Scandinavia. During 30 years of activity the quartet has created numerous first performances and often combines new music with classical and romantic styles. Seppo Kimanen has appeared in most European countries, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Australia, India and Thailand. He has made CD:s for Finlandia Records, Ondine and for other labels.
In 1970 together with his wife, violinist Yoshiko Arai, Kimanen initiated the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival and continued as its artistic director until the year 2005. In Finland he is also known as lecturer, writer and host of radio and TV music programs. In 1988 Kimanen was awarded with the State Prize for Music. He received the honorary title of professor in 1999 and the State artist professorship in 2000.
Seppo Kimanen has been in the jury of several international music competitions, such as the London String Quartet Competition, Shostakovich Competition and ARD Competition. He has been awarded “Grosse Verdienstkreutz” by the Government of Germany and “l’Ordre National du Mérite” by the Government of France.
In 2005 Kimanen became director of the Finnish Cultural Institute in London and in 2010 he was nominated as artistic director of Kauniainen Music Festival in Finland.
Seppo Kimanen has three children and six grandchildren. His hobbies include reading, tennis and golf.

1. Several concerts in a year in Japan and Finland
2. Exchange, collect and introduce the works from Japan and Finland
3. Open lecture, symposium
4. A social gathering with the member of society
5. The periodical publication of the bulletin

The various contemporary pieces are highly evaluated till now in both countries Japan and Finland, but we would like to introduce them in depth and recruit members in this society. We send the bulletin of the periodical publication to members. In addition, there is an invitation or a social gatherings that contained a concert, a lecture concert, an open lecture, a symposium with composers and musicians. Furthermore, we open an opportunity to offer the place of the performance to members to deepen understanding the contemporary music.

How to apply
Please complete the application form in full and send it by post or an E-mail.
We send transfer paper of annual fee after registration.