In August, 2010, a Composer Toshi Ichiyanagi and a Cellist Seppo Kimanen, a former Counsellor Press & Culture in Embassy of Finland in Japan, established the Japan Finland Contemporary Music Society. This society is founded by various viewpoints for the purpose of introducing the contemporary works.

1. Several concerts in a year in Japan and Finland
2. Exchange, collect and introduce the works from Japan and Finland
3. Open lecture, symposium
4. A social gathering with the member of society
5. The periodical publication of the bulletin

President Toshi Ichiyanagi Composer Pianist
  Seppo Kimanen (Finland)  Cellist
Director Takashi Tsujii Poet Author
  Shinichiro Ikebe Composer
  chiro Nodaira Composer Pianist
  Kayoko Iemura Director of Arts Program in Tokyo Wonder Site
Secretary General  Kyoko Fukushi Pianist

The various contemporary pieces are highly evaluated till now in both countries Japan and Finland,
but we would like to introduce them in depth and recruit members in this society.
We send the bulletin of the periodical publication to members. In addition, there is an invitation or a social gatherings that contained a concert, a lecture concert, an open lecture, a symposium with composers and musicians.
Furthermore, we open an opportunity to offer the place of the performance to members to deepen understanding the contemporary music.

How to apply

Please complete the application form in full and send it by post or an E-mail. We send transfer paper of annual fee after registration.